Buy a Plan
Your mail for only $0.10/GB/mo
The current purchase process is manual. Automated process Soon™

1. Make sure to understand and agree our
Terms of Service

2. Send a email to (if you don't have any mail currently you can use a freemail service such as gmail) and include the following:

• The desired account name (if you choose "foobar" your email will look like "")
• The number of months you want to purchase
• The number of GB of storage you want to purchase
• The payment method. Available payment methods are Bank transfer ($20 minimum), SEPA transfer (Any amount), and Bitcoin (Any mount). Soon™: Credit Card and PayPal
• [Optional] The desired password, make sure to choose a secure one, if you don't specify any you will be given a random-generated one after the payment (In any case you will be able to, and you should, change it later).
• [Optional] A backup email address, we will send your initial password there, this will also be used to contact you in case there is any problem with your email account. (If none specified defaults to the "from" header of the email you send, if forgery is detected the request will be silently ignored)
• [Optional] A PGP/GPG public key which can be used to auth yourself if you loose access to your account. This will allow you to sign password reset requests and recieve encrypted login details even if you loose access to the backup email address.
• [Optional] Whether we should or shouldn't accept unsigned password reset requests comming from the backup email address. (If not specified defaults to YES) Keep in mind that if this is set to NO and you don't specify a PGP/GPG key, forgeting your password or loosing your two factor auth will mean complete access loss to your account.

3. Wait for an answer. We will answer you with the total cost of the plan you requested and intructions on how to make the payment with the method you choose.

4. When we notice the payment is done we will notify you that your account has been activated and your plan period has started.